Foodie Tour # 6: Soho Streetside

This London Foodie Tour of Soho will help you to discover the entertainment district of central London. It has an ever changing array of independent eateries, ethnic cuisines and mazes of alleys to get lost in. Well, not with a guide of course!

Walk past the beautiful design hub of Charlotte Street on your way to the best Korean bi bim bap in London, a healthy rice dish served with kim chi and miso sauce in a hot stone bowl. Follow the Oriental flavour with Chinese inspired macarons, in flavours such as coconut lychee, toasted rice, panda and even yuzu! Follow the back lanes and alleyways along to a Japanese ramen house that specialises in bones, yes, bones. Sample the sweet and spicy pig bones with condiments that include ground sesame seeds and whole pickled garlic.  A few steps away is a market full of street food, where we will sample beautiful Vietnamese banh mi, a crunchy rice flour bun filled with caramelised pork and fresh herbs and pickles. Refresh the palate with a quick trip to the best artisan Italian gelateria in London. With flavours like ricotta & sour cherry, rhubarb crumble and salted almonds, you’ll be ending on a high for sure!

This tour has is heavily influenced by Oriental and Asian flavours and cooking styles, with a touch of Italian for added fun!

All of our tours come with a take away recipe pack, so you can recreate what you try at home.

This tour takes 3-4 hours and can be booked for the morning, afternoon or evening, Monday – Sunday. It is best experienced on foot but connecting car travel can be arranged if necessary for a small group. This tour starts at Tottenham Court Road station and ends at Oxford Street Circus station.

1- 3 people
by foot:  £69
by car: £75

4 – 10 people
by foot:   £60

We get very busy, especially in the summer months. To book the Soho Streetside foodie tour for your preferred dates, please fill in the form below or email today and we will get straight back to you!