Foodie Tour # 4: Notting Hill to Marble Arch

The London Foodie Tour from Notting Hill to Marble Arch will take you all the way through the ‘little Middle East’ of London.

Start by sampling the freshest, Turkish gooey pistachio baklava from the most popular Turkish cafe in town and a traditional Turkish apple tea. Walk through the Portobello market, spot original Banksy artwork and try Palestinian falafel, made fresh on the streets, with hommus and pickles. Stop in at the famous Israeli chef  Yotam Ottolenghi’s fine patisseries, before trying freshly baked Iranian bread, grills and dips at this little known cafe with a clay fired oven. A short bus ride away to Edgware Road will land you in an area full of sweet smelling shisha pipes and grilled lamb shwarmas. We will take you to sample Syrian booza al-haleb, a dense kneaded mastic ice cream rolled in crushed pistachios. Walk to one of the best Lebanese green grocers where you can sample labneh, a strained yoghurt cheese, madjool dates and the freshest turkish delight in London. A short walk past ex-prime minister Tony Blair’s house will land us at independent coffee roaster for the stars, where you can finish with a coffee of your choice.

All of our tours come with a take away recipe pack, so you can recreate what you try at home.

This tour takes 3 hours and can be booked for the morning, afternoon or evening, Monday – Sunday. It is best experienced on foot, but can also be enjoyed by car for a small group, should you wish. This tour starts at Ladbroke Grove Station and finishes at Marble Arch station.

1- 3 people
by foot:   £69
by car:  £79

4 – 10 people
by foot:   £60

Children are welcome on our tours! Tickets for children under 13 are charged at 50% off the adult price.

We get very busy, especially in the summer months.
To book the Notting Hill to Marble Arch foodie tour for your preferred dates, please fill in the form below or email today and we will get straight back to you!