20th July, 21015

London Foodie Tours review William Curley, the Japanese inspired Chocolatier.

William Curley
is one of the most renowned Patissiers and Chocolatiers in the UK, and has won Britains Best Chocolatier 4 times already! But Japanese inspired chocolates I hear you say? Really?

Yes. Really. London is having a mega moment with Japanese food, thanks to the prolific amount of ramen bars that have sprouted from Soho to Shoreditch and futher afar. But never before have we seen a Japanese inspired Patissier and Chocolatier! 





In the well-heeled courtyards by Richmond Green, you will find a little gem that has actually been there for over 10 years, but with a renowned name like William Curley, you’d be forgiven for missing the Japanese link.

It was the cute story of Scottish William and Japanese Suzue that caught our attention, and it was their unsurpassed skill in mixing umami filled Japanese flavours with traditional French flavours that made us fall in love!

William and Suzue’s unique creations are a fusion of cultures, passion and science that has taken over 10 years to perfect.

DSC_0293   DSC_0300

William, a Scot from Fife, worked his way from a hotel in Perthshire to a range of Michelin starred establishments, led by the likes of Raymond Blanc, Marco Pierre White and cemented his name by becoming the youngest Chef Pâtissier at The Savoy. Meanwhile, Suzue, a pâtissière from Osaka in Japan, had moved to London and worked her way from Le Cordon Bleu to Claridges and then to The Savoy, where the two chefs would meet. They opened their first boutique together in Richmond over 10 years ago and have been making inspired creations since then.

We had the pleasure of trying a few Japanese inspired standouts. First up, the chocolates – the Raspberry and Salted Caramels were pure joy, but the Japanese Black Rice Vinegar Couture Chocolate was a stand out. At first, vinegar sounded like the oddest ingredient to put into the confines of a beautifully dark and smooth chocolate. But it’s sublety is one that makes you remember the sweetness that is found in sushi rice, in much more decadent surroundings! Clever, very clever.

Next up, the Matcha and Sesame Financier. This little delight is modest and understated from the outside, but don’t be fooled! The smooth almond texture is pillowy soft and yet delicately flavoured with the creaminess of authentic Matcha tea. The bright colour inside is beautiful and the toasted sesame and nigella seeds balance the sweetness.

Finally, our personal favourite, the Miso and Walnut Biscuits. These biscuits are a shortbread style, with a buttery texture that holds together perfectly and crumbles with the slightest pressure. Rolled in toasted sesame seeds and studded with roasted walnuts, they are savoury and sweet at the same time. But it is the generous kick of miso, that wonderful soy based ingredient, that gives these biscuits a whoopful of umami flavour at the same time. What a masterful creation. We just want more, pretty please?




These are just a few of the Japanese inspired creations here. Visit William Curley at their Richmond store to try more or you can try a class at their Belgravia store, order online, or pick up your fix in Harrods. Or better yet, join London Foodie Tours on our Richmond Tour and sample the goods as part of our inclusive tour! You’ll also recieve a 15% off discount on all store goods, when you book our tour.


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