26 July, 2015

London Foodie Tours review Cuban restaurant in Dalston, Escudo de Cuba.

Ah, Dalston. Yes, it’s slightly too far east and overrun with hipsters. But in case you didn’t realise, it has swiftly become a foodie mecca for Londoners!  Apart from the amazing Street Feast and a host of other cuisines, there’s a lovely little slice of Cuba lodged between the biggest Beyond Retro we’ve ever seen and a bunch of Middle Eastern eateries on the high street.

Escudo de Cuba offers authentic Cuban food and delicious cocktails, and the friendliest service we’ve had in ages. You can happily settle into a comfy lounger on the outside terrace and watch hipsters walk by in upturned chinos, or grab a seat inside and admire the unique antiques. On Sunday, you can get any 2 cocktails for £10, including classics and experimental. It felt rude not to try both, and as such we can report delicious classic Margaritas and an amazing ‘grilled pineapple and lemongrass syrup’ version of a pina colada, for a fiver each!


Even tastier were the complimentary plantain crisps served hot and salty to accompany our cocktails. To be honest, these crisps were the highlight of the night and we didn’t even order them – awesome! When we were good and ready and without any prompting from the friendly staff, we ordered all the tapas on offer, because that’s what affordable cocktails make you do. Out came a huge wooden platter, full of tasty meats and seafood, as well as vegetable side dishes. We had a 5 minute wait on the chicken, so they gave us complimentary patatas bravas to tide us over. So kind! We didn’t order side salads, but they arrived too!


The best veggie sides were “TOSTONES” – little pressed cakes of green plantain, pan fried and served with a pan fried and served with a coriander and guacamole sauce. So fresh and filling!

YUCA FRITA” or cassava fries were also of an excellent quality, super crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Just don’t order too many as cassava is extremely filling!

Stuffed and slightly tipsy, we ordered the bill only to be asked if we preferred tequila or sambucca. Yes, you guessed it – complimentary shots for the end of the meal! What a way to delivery the bill, nobody cared how much it cost at this point. Honestly, more restaurants should deliver the bill this way.


However, for posterity sakes the bill came to about £25pp – including 2 cocktails each, enough tapas to fill 3 hungry men and 1 hungry girl and a lot of complimentary deliciousness. What a bargain! Thanks Dalston and once again, thanks Escudo!

Escudo de Cuba
20 Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, N16 7XN
Check their events page to see whats on.

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