Review: Biscuiteers Icing Cafe, Notting Hill

We took one of our Notting Hill foodie tours to the Biscuiteers Icing Cafe in Notting Hill to find out how it works – here’s the review for you.

When you first walk into the store on über trendy Kensington Park Road, you are confronted with the most expertly iced biscuits you will ever lay eyes on. Everything from iced bikini’s to iced first aid tins and London souveniers will bedazzle your eye.


You are taken to a table that is prepared with different shapes and flavours of ginger bread and given a range of colourful icing, sparkly stars and balls and sugary things and most importantly, a good British cup of tea.

DSC_0366Your tutor will then sit with you and show you how to ‘line and flood’ ice your chosen bikkies. Her graceful ease of movement will spike your confidence levels and I must admit, I too felt a surge of “I can ice biscuits just like that, I’m sure I can”… that is, until we tried it. In fact, this was meant to be a lion? Hmmmm.


After you ice your creations, the team will oven dry the icing and place your biscuits into these gorgeously decorated boxes, ready to post to your loved one via Royal Mail, should you so wish.


In a strange turn of events, one of our guests decided to ice yours truly, and then they put me into a box! Such creativity abounds on our foodie tours.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 18.07.55

Harder than it looks, but lots of fun, the DIY icing cafe is the perfect afternoon date with a bunch of friends or family and it is definitely child-friendly. You too can make expertly iced creations such as our lovely tour guests below did {hehehe}.


The Biscuiteers icing café is £15 for 3 biscuits and includes all your icing materials plus 1 decorative box for your finished design. Postage is £3.50. There’s no need to book, just turn up and have some yummy fun!

To explore more of the foodie scene in Notting Hill, book one of our London Foodie Tours here.

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